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4th generation practitioner: ‘this is how digital impressions impact my dentistry’

Dr. Maria Jackson is from a family of dentists. As such, they’ve seen dentistry evolve over time - and can say a thing or two on how digital impacted their work. From faster workflows and open ecosystems to creating wow-moments.

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Andrew Singer

Dentistry writer


Can dental labs pave the way for digital dentistry in clinics?

Mark Smith

Certified Dental Technician

Solution Manager, 3Shape

I crossed the magic midline of digital dentistry

Leif Svensson

Clinical Director

Affordable Denture & Implants, Australia

5 ways to make your dental lab technician happy

Dr. Zuber Bagasi

Managing Director & Dental Surgeon

Synergy Dental Clinic / Manchester, UK

2,500 intraoral scanning cases later – my top 10 learnings

Leif Svensson

Clinical Director

Affordable Denture & Implants, Australia

8 intraoral scanning features you don't want to live without

Dr. Ornella Delli-Rocili Chiabrera

General practitioner/Global Training & Application Specialist

3Shape HQ

Scanning reference dentures: this is the optimal way

Mr. Eric D. Kukucka, DD


To guide or not to guide - doing your dental implants digitally

Andrew Singer

Dentistry writer


A guide to comparing intraoral scanner brands and models

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry (iDD)

The real cost of an analog impression (compared to a digital one)

Dr. Naren Rajan


Dentistry of Mendham

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