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Digital or analog dental workflow? Here's why both need to be your best friend!

Thanks to computers, people tend to write more grammatically correct and spell better. It’s the same with dentistry. The average dentist can improve their technique and make treatments more predictable with digital technology. ‘We should be thinking more about how analog and digital can live together’.

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Dr. Michael Scherer

Prosthodontics and implant dentistry


There’s a lot more to wireless intraoral scanning than you think

Andrew Singer

Dentistry writer


Why are some patients staying away from your clinic?

Dr. Ornella Delli-Rocili Chiabrera

General practitioner/Global Training & Application Specialist

3Shape HQ

Are intraoral scanner prices stopping you from going digital? Then read this.

Dr. Ferencz

Clinical Professor of Prosthodontics and Occlusion

NYC Prosthodontics

Top 5 reasons why dentists don't buy an intraoral scanner

Dr. Ramya Kannan

Clinical Product Manager


If I need an implant, I'm going to someone doing guided surgery

Andrew Singer

Dentistry writer


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